Academic page

My academic page. With papers, slides and stuff.

Algorithms group

I have an office there. And when I say an office, I mean, the best office. Maybe the greatest in the history of officeship.

Electronic Mail

Only works for actual persons. No clever AI bot could go through my firewall… Do not even think about it. Here it is if you prefer the old school copy paste: Note that I did not replace the @ with an image.


My math weblog. Dumb yourself down before reading.


My weblog. Might (not) be a waste of time.


My Github page. Mostly JavaScript code and dotfiles. And this page, obviously.

Estelle Chasseloup

Just Estelle.


Estelle’s father’s photographs. Extrêmement joli.


My flemish teacher once thought I misspelled Paris when writing about my summer vacation. Here is the page in french, the organization to book for leisure, and the organization to book for workshops.


My user page on Wikipedia. Not much activity for the moment.

Project Euler

It has been a long time I have made some progress on those…

Stack Overflow

I have not answered a single question since December 2014 but my reputation keeps going up. Someone knows how to stop this?


I do not even remember what this is for. Ah yes, some cool kid stuff. My PGP key is there. Does that even make sense?

Pat's game solution zoo

Website displaying solutions for the game found in OEIS sequence A070214.

Ham-Sandwich cuts

Computational Geometry project from back in the dayz (2014).


Some fine coding right there (2013).